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Long hours sitting in a car plus the weight I have to carry on my belt have sent
me to a chiropractor for pain relief for years. Since combining massage with the
chiropractic, I’ve shifted more to a regular maintenance routine with both. I stay
pain free a lot longer, and if I do have pain it’s from ‘twisting something” instead
of the same old chronic problems.....
 Steve, Police Officer
As an individual who was suffering from degenerative arthritis of the hip, I could
barely walk without pain.   My chiropractor, working along with a massage
therapist was able to stretch and release my hip so that I could continue without
surgery.  Together, they’ve been able to help me strengthen my muscles and
maintain my range of motion...  
Joseph, Company Executive
My stress level is high.  I have to take care of my “patients” while running a
business.   Chiropractic has increased my energy and helped immensely with
feels to relax!   .....   
Stanley, Veterinarian
My massage therapist and chiropractor have given me my life back!   Systemic
lupus and fibromyalgia left me barely able to walk or even wash my own back.   
Now 1 swim a mile each day and have greatly reduced my medication.
Massage and chiropractic are both useful alone... but for me, having them
together has been much more powerful.  
Judy,  Teacher, Grandmother
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